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Monday, January.12th, 2004
Well the WWE has come and gone, which means I've got a new batch of photos to put up, also I've up'ed that Matt Hardyish
Flash file as a banner. I did it a few months ago but never really got around to finishing it, anyway it works some what.

Friday, October.17th 2003
A added some new photos from the Maritime Cup, as well as got rid of the Smackdown section, taken only a select 5 and addinging them to
page 5 of the WWE section. Also if you haven't yet seen Kill Bill vol.1 I suggest you do so right now.

Thursday, May.8th, 2003
I put up a new gallery with photos from smackdown, I may put up some from RAW later but they weren't good enough to get a whole section

Saturday, March.8th, 2003
Well I finally got back the photos from Monteal, and I'm disapointed, not only in the quality but also in myself. Most turned out dark,
becuase it was dark there and my seats were far up. But I have my memories and a few turned out, so I added them to the last page in the
WWE photo section. Also I wrote up a sort of Diary thingy, telling what I did during my trip and it comes with pictures,
I've seen this done on other sites so I'll do the same. But on a brighter note the Halifax RAW TV taping has been
offically announced with tickets going on sale on the 22nd of this month. Wow two WWE shows within 6 months, that will be a new record.

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